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We work with fixed rates, but are flexible on longer bookings.
Our passion is to help local artists and creators make awesome work!
All rates don't include an engineer, technical assistant, or photography assistant.

$40 per hour

Our multi purpose studio specializes in:

• Podcast recording sets

• Photo shoots

• Video shoots / podcast video

• Green screen productions

• Professional music recording

• Rehearsals

• Castings

• Conference room



Additional amenities include:

• Sound proof room

• Various background options

• 12" speakers ready to plug to your phone with instant loud music

• Fog is allowed and fog machine is available on site

• Free WiFi

• Complete lighting equipment available on site

• Cameras available on site

• Top of the line podcast recording gear, easy to use: you only need to bring a micro SD Card or your laptop!

• Yamaha DM 2000 mixing console

• Pro Tools EO 192

• Neive mic pre-amp

• Tub-tech compressor

• Yamaha NS10, Auratone & KS Digital pro monitoring system

• 24 channel room ready for recording / rehearse / live stream

• Available mics including Neumann M149 and more!

• Production plug ins

• Keyboards (2) and some additional backline

• Staff help and technical support available on site

• Additional gear like headphones, XLR cables, 1/4 cables, power cords, etc

• Sitting chairs

• Stylish red sofa

• Clothing rack

• Vanity set

• Private bathroom

• Kitchen includes a courtesy of bottled water & coffee

• Entrance lounge

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